Refer a client to Advice+

Refer your clients to us for flexible loans secured against their home.

Earn up to 3% Broker Fee

You will be paid on any successful referrals

Get a dedicated partner manager

Perfectly suited for borrowers who derive their income:

  • As a business owner
  • As a sole trader
  • As a member of a limited partnership

You can only refer a client to Advice+ once successfully registered with Selina. The Selina team will notify you of your registration status after submission of a due diligence form.

Your customer's home may be repossessed if they do not keep up repayments on a mortgage or any other debt secured on it.

Get in touch with your broker manager to learn more or contact us at:

The new way to finance large purchases

Rates starting at 8.75% p.a.*
Loans from £10,000 - £1 million
Only pay interest on funds withdrawn
Use for many other purposes

‍Our Advice+ channel is specifically designed to help business owners to unlock the equity they have built up in their homes.

*Minimum rate available on the Homeowner Loan. Your advisor will recommend the product that is right for you based on your personal circumstances. Representative example: A loan of £100,000 over 25 years results in 300 monthly payments of £854.99 at a variable rate of 3.75% above the Bank of England Base Rate. The total cost over the full term is £256,817.00, including interest of £156,817.00, an arrangement fee of £3,000 and a product fee of £995 added to the balance. APRC: 9.67%.

Selina HELOC

The most flexible option

First to the UK market, a HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit) is a low interest credit facility secured against your client's property.

As it it is a line of credit, they will only ever pay interest on the funds they draw down and they will have the peace of mind that there is more should they need it.

HELOC balance
Can flex up and down as needed over the first 5 years
Interest savings
Interest is only paid on funds drawn down, not the full credit limit
Credit limit
Gradually reduces over the term (amortisation)

Selina Homeowner Loan

Get all your funds on day one

With a Selina Homeowner Loan, your client gets one set amount, secured against their property.

It could be the most suitable option if they need the borrowing in one go.

Homeowner Loan balance
Reduces as monthly repayments are made
Flexible spending
Interest paid
Selina Finance logo
Withdraw as and when needed for up to 5 years
£10,000 - £1million
5 - 30 years
Only on withdrawn funds
Selina Finance logo
Homeowner Loan
Get all your funds at once
£10,000 - £1million
5 - 30 years
On full amount
Get all your funds at once
£1,000 - £25,000
1 - 5 years**
On full amount
Typical personal loan

Used responsibly, a Selina HELOC and a Selina Homeowner Loan can provide your clients with valuable advantages. However, as they are mortgages, they should consider the possible impact on their ability to secure additional borrowing against their home.

*ERCs can apply depending on the Homeowner Loan product that your client gets.

**Whilst from our research personal loans are generally offered over 1-5 years, some lenders do offer longer terms.